What is Keyboard?

What is a keyboard? A keyboard is an input device that consists of a set of buttons or keys, activated by pressing and holding them. These buttons are used to type letters, numbers and symbols. A keyboard can be a part of a personal computer system which often includes the monitor, mouse and speakers.

A keyboard is a device that you use to type on. A computer keyboard has letters and numbers printed on the keys, while a typewriter has symbols instead of letters. There are six rows of keys in total: four rows with five or more columns each for typing, and one row at the top for selecting special characters such as punctuation marks and mathematical symbols. The most common kind of keyboard would be an English-language QWERTY layout which we all know from our computers at home!

A keyboard is a device for typing on. It has a set of keys that you can press to make letters, numbers and symbols appear on the screen. The most common type of keyboard is called a QWERTY keyboard because it has these letters in order from left to right across the top row. There are other types of keyboards too, such as Dvorak and Colemak which have been designed to reduce finger movement when typing.

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